Friday, August 10, 2012


Slickrock Irregular Book Review

The Worst Hard Times  -Timothy Egan
127 Hours – Aaron Ralston
Hunting Season  - Nevada Bar
Stroke of Genius – Nada Martin
Please Understand Me – Elizabeth Meyers-Briggs
The Assault On Reason - Al Gore
Into Thin Air – Jon Krakeuer
What the Dog Saw  - Malcomb Gladwell
Naked  - David Sedaris
Personality Types – Carl Jung
Thirteen Bankers - Paul Krugman
State of Denial – Bob Woodbury
Time To Start Thinking – Edward Luce
Strategic View – Zegeginw Kurzinski
Why Men and Women Cheat -  Robert Grain
The World Behind The World   Living At The Ends of Time- Michael Mead
The Tipping Point – Malcomb Gladwell
The Devils Punchbowl – Greg Iles
The Fall of American Capitalism -  Sandra Borts
Sixty-One Hours – Lee Childs
Touching The Void –  Joe Simpson 
A Harrowing First Person Account of One Man’s Miraculous Survival 
The Singularity is Near  When Humans Transcend Biology -Ray Kurzweil
Character is Destiny - John McCain and Mark Salter

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