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Time to Start Thinking - Edward Luce

The Slick-Rock Irregular Book Report                                         Posting No. 9-121

The Slick-Rock (Irregular) Book Review

             America in the Age of Descent
            By Edward Luce
Book Type:   Non-Fiction, Current Events, Political Commentary

            In this work, Edward Luce offers a highly engaging and incisive account of America’s economic and geopolitical decline. He interviews people from US senators to health care workers and business leaders such as Bill Gates.  These interviews are candid and revealing.  One interview perhaps says it best.  When he interviewed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Admiral Michael Muller he was told; We are borrowing money from China to build weapons to face down China.”  Muller is just one of several people who believe that unless America evolves quickly we will face serious consequences.
            As the Washington Bureau Chief for the Financial Times (London) for the
past four years Luce has traveled the nation interviewing public figures such as US Senators and business leaders.  His research covers such areas as education, health case and politics.  He talks to national leader’s right down to the man in the street.  He treats foreign completion and tells how IBM and General Electric now employ more people outside the country than within it. 
            Politically, the difference between Republicans and Democrats is likened to the differences between Coke and Pepsi.  90% of people can’t really tell the difference.  America needs friends who tell us what we need to hear and who will suggest solutions no matter how much we don’t want to hear those concepts and ideas.  Luce fills the bill with his book.
            Often foreigners are the keenest observers of American life.  Edward Luce is one such man.  He paints a well researched picture of life in twenty-first century America.  It is a disturbing picture.   He details how the American political and wealthy elite have failed to come to grips with the real problems facing America.  Perhaps the single most decisive issue for the 2012 presidential election is that candidates simply do not understand the average American.  This work provides an insightful narrative on the state and origins of our current malaise.  This is a book that will transform the way you think about the country.
            This book that may be the smartest book yet or how and why America is broken.  Luce offers a critical, nonpartisan analysis of the issues facing America today.  He sets forth conclusions and a plan for what must be done.  Some of his conclusions are disturbing.  
            Luce is the anther or the international best seller In Spite of the Gods and lives in Washington DC.


This book is available in print, in a Kindle Format.        . 

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